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How could anyone not love a site dedicated to reviewing burgers? I mean seriously 😀

So why? Well I was on the road a lot as a pre-sales consultant, sleeping in hotels all over the UK (and some european destinations) and I typically would sample the local burgers because, well I like burgers. Why not document it?

Why do I like burgers? My first 6 years of occupation was as a “Butcher’s Boy”, basically a dogsbody in a butcher’s shop but one of the jobs was pressing burgers.

So yeah, I’ve made probably, 100,000 burgers…surely? Who knows it’s a lot though!

I like to eat burgers that are far better than I used to make. I also like to make burgers now. TBH I’m burger mad.

The website is actually pretty popular, has no advertising and it basically another labour of love, infrequently updated when I’ve eaten an original burger (usually a basic cheeseburger, or whatever the equivalent).

The most popular page is actually the McDonalds Big Tasty recipe which is kind of soul destroying considering everything else that’s there, but then I don’t really care, every so often somebody get’s a little joy from one of my reviews.


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February 9, 2021

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