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For a start I love this logo. It’s simple and fun, just like keeping shrimp.

Shrimp keeping and breeding has been something I’ve done for many years. The level of interest goes up and down, but it’s always there.

It’s been a massive part of my life. The breeding and selling of shrimp was once a big deal for me. Hundreds of cheap red cherry shrimp every day being packaged at 5am so I could post at lunch.

Still that aspect was very fleeting but the educating and general interest in keeping shrimp has always remained and so has this Divi-built website.

Easily my favourite aspect is the wave effect on the top banner. It’s a combination of many many tutorials for different things all merged together but somehow I got it to work. I love that it’s dynamic, if you havent yet go give it a go, break the surface tension of the water which is the blue to white transition in the header….cool huh.

Then the bubble effect really adds to it. Another lightweight HTML addition that was way before its time.

Cool site and one which I enjoy to this day. I hope when my life is a little less full-on I can sell some of the fancier shrimp I breed now, but tbh I just can’t have that kind of commitment right now.


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February 9, 2021

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