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Spin Therapy – Spinners

Before spinners was a thing, spinners was a thing over here in the GB HQ. Armed with a 3d printer, loads of ABS and some pretty funky acetone smoothing techniques I went all out and designed these very tactile, very smooth, fully encapsulated spinners.

Only one problem, I was an absolute perfectionist and the number which actually went out the door was a fraction of the number made in R&D.

Still, all good fun and a great learning experience. I’m still impressed in how fantastic I got the surface texture in the end.

The Website

The website was built on Divi and served its purpose well. Orders were taken via woocommerce and the entire flow was very simple and seamlessly integrated into Paypal.

The Front Page

The Store

A gallery of the most popular models


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February 10, 2021

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