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Custom Xbox

Back in 1999 I became exposed to the Xbox modding scene. This was unlike anything I’d ever seen or heard of before.

The internet was becoming more mature and micro-niche websites were beginning to arrive, one of which was team-xecuter.

In addition to software modding, expanding the capabilities of what an OG xbox could be (including a linux box, media centre etc). Case modding was also becoming a thing.

Armed with no knowledge, no skills, little money and a dremel I embarked on the greatest “fake it till you make it” project of my life.

This is my OG xbox, it still works to this day (except the red cold-cathode on the top). It now looks like it’s been through a war but considering there’s a solder point in there the thickness of a human hair, which I did with a plumbing soldering iron (the shame) I’m still pretty proud of myself.


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June 4, 1999

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