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As you will see, the logo has certainly stood the test of time and has remained, largely unchanged since 2007, which I’m kind of proud of.

MyVenusFlytrap is and was a bit of a labour of love. A Website that I’ve kept alive for the last 10 years without every advertising on it or really asking for anything in return.

VFT’s as and are still my favourite plants, I still keep them, I still enjoy them immensely and I enjoy teaching / helping people grow their own.




This was one of my favourites. Combining a cutting edge CMS, responsive design but all the same content from the last 10 years, organised.

One of the nicest sections on the site was this cultivar gallery, there to easily guide newbies into understanding what VFT they own. This section still actually needs to be added to the new website.

2020 +

The future of MFVT

Well, there’s another project (The SIP Self Irrigation Planter) that works beautifully with Venus Flytraps and so I’m sure the two sites will somehow be connected.

I also plan to link out to Amazon with some recommended buys but for now, it’s just a simple information storage site.

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